Evanston Women and Suffrage


Evanston Women and Suffrage


Featuring the women of Evanston who worked hard to see that national women's suffrage became a reality.


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Frances E. Willard
Photograph of Frances E. Willard.

Frances E. Willard
Photograph of Frances E. WIllard taken for the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

The New Era covers
A sampling of covers from The New Era, a newspaper published by Elizabeth Boynton Harbert to elucidate the cause of women's suffrage.

Bible Light on Woman Suffrage
McCulloch shows the relationship between Christianity and women's suffrage, and how to use the Bible and religion in favor of women's right to vote.

Mayors of Five States Recommend Municipal Suffrage for Women
In Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Kansas in 1909, women were already allowed to vote in municipal elections. McCulloch wrote to the mayors of cities in these states asking their opinions about women's suffrage, and 140 mayors replied, most of…

Frances E. Willard house location
A map depicting the location of the Frances E. Willard house, or the Rest Cottage, within Evanston, Illinois.

Frances E. Willard delivering speech
Photograph of Frances E. Willard speaking from the pulpit.

Frances E. Willard statue
Postcard depicting and describing the Frances E. Willard statue in Statuary Hall at the U.S. Congressional Building.

Brilliants from Frances E. Willard
A book of selected quotations from the writings of Frances E. Willard.

Frances E. Willard to the World's and National Woman's Christian Temperance Union
An address before the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in 1893 as part of the World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago at the Art Institute Building.
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