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Evanston and the Fight for the Vote

The Julia Gaston Club of Evanston

According to the Story of the Illinois Federation of Colored Women Clubs (1922), the Julia Gaston Club of Evanston was one of the "Original Seven," a group of pioneering black women's clubs in Illinois and part of the newly formed National Association of Colored Women.

The Julia Gaston Club understood the importance of uniting Black women's clubs in the Chicagoland area and the necessity of supporting one another to promote the betterment of women.

The Julia Gaston Club was formed to preserve the value of organization among women, community services, and racially uplifting the community. Specifically, The Julia Gaston Club provided community support like childcare.

The Julia Gaston Club alongside The Illinois Federation for Colored Women and the National Association of Colored Women created a kindergarten for Black children. 

While there is no direct connection to suffrage, The Julia Gaston Club worked with Ida B. Wells and various Chicagoland organizations that focused primarily on women's suffrage.

The Julia Gaston Club of Evanston