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This booklet contains names of teachers and administrators of the Evanston Public School district, and addresses of school buildings, as well as the calendar for the 1898-1899 school year, and other information. Highlighted here for Louise Brockaway…

This card explains that the canvasser distributing it did not seek money, but was seeking information about opinions towards women's suffrage. The card includes information about how one can contact Mary Kelley or Catharine Waugh McCulloch if they…

This flyer recounts remarks that Professor John A. Scott, PhD, of Northwestern University made in favor of woman suffrage. Professor Scott argues for suffrage on the grounds of women's roles as economic entities.

Evanston Press Board of Education.jpeg
This is a brief article that accounts for the results of the board of education election in Evanston in 1892. It includes Louise Brockaway Stanwood as a member, and lists committees.

Evanston Index Registration.jpeg
Newspaper article about the Illinois Woman's Christian Temperance Union's work urging women to register to vote in the School Board election, including information about the registration process and requirements.

Photograph of National Women's Party suffragists picketing outside the White House

Photograph of Lenna Lowe Yost, President of West Virginia WCTU and Washington Correspondent for the Union Signal

Photograph of Annie Wittenmeyer, first president of the WCTU

The logo of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, c. 1920.

Prize Essays 1.jpg
Pamphlet with printed versions of two winning essays in EPEL's annual suffrage essay contests for high school students. Aleck G. Whitfield won first prize and Ethel Elizabeth MacDonald took second with essays on the topic "Should Chicago Women Have…
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