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Suffrage Debate - Ev Daily News 3.26.13.jpg
A debate on suffrage at Ebenezer AME Church in Evanston, March 1913. Mrs. Robert Hadly, Mrs. Florence Jones, Mrs. William Stewart, and Miss Lydia Davis participated.

This card explains that the canvasser distributing it did not seek money, but was seeking information about opinions towards women's suffrage. The card includes information about how one can contact Mary Kelley or Catharine Waugh McCulloch if they…

This flyer recounts remarks that Professor John A. Scott, PhD, of Northwestern University made in favor of woman suffrage. Professor Scott argues for suffrage on the grounds of women's roles as economic entities.

Photograph of Annie Wittenmeyer, first president of the WCTU

Votes for Women Urged by League.jpg
Newspaper account of recent EPEL meeting at Rickards home, 1324 Forest Avenue.

CWM with baby Hugh 1891 Photo Coll McCulloch family Folder 2.jpg
A photograph of Catharine Waugh McCulloch and her son Hugh.

Solicitation info Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 3 edited.jpg
A solicitation of household members' opinions on the extension of women's suffrage.
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