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Certificate, WCTU, EHC 422.1.2.jpg
A certificate renouncing the use of alcohol by members of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Suffrage Debate - Ev Daily News 3.26.13.jpg
A debate on suffrage at Ebenezer AME Church in Evanston, March 1913. Mrs. Robert Hadly, Mrs. Florence Jones, Mrs. William Stewart, and Miss Lydia Davis participated.

Auto tour 1910.png
Catherine McCulloh rallies across the state to gain support for Illinois women's right to vote. The stop in Evanston was on Orrington Ave at the YMCA building on the east side of the street between Davis and Church.

Speech, CM, 181908, EHC
A speech by Catharine Waugh McCulloch delivered before the Michigan Constitutional Convention on January 8, 1908.

Solicitation info Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 3 edited.jpg
A solicitation of household members' opinions on the extension of women's suffrage.

Speech, CM, 1907-1913,
Speech given by McCulloch at a ladies' dinner banquet of the Forties Club at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. At the time, McCulloch was serving as Evanston's Justice of the Peace.
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