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Postcard, EHC
A postcard depicting an editorial cartoon with the title "Why Not Let the Mother Vote?" The postcard was sent to Mr. and Mrs. F. Leahy of Chicago, Illinois. It was sent one day before the election to determine if the women of Illinois would receive…

Pamphlet, CM, 1913-14, EHC
In this pamphlet, McCulloch discusses the laws that have led to some degree of women's suffrage in Illinois, and she also discusses what remains in terms of women gaining full suffrage in the state.

Pamphlet, CM, 1913, EHC
This pamphlet, edited by Catharine McCulloch of the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association, is a timeline of various important events in the Illinois women's rights movement.

Wells letter to McCulloch_March 1913.pdf
The letter from Wells is in response to a letter (dated March 10, not saved) from McCulloch inviting Wells to Evanston to speak and also to McCulloch's home for dinner with their husbands included. Wells is commenting on the recent events in…
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