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Photograph of Annie Wittenmeyer, first president of the WCTU

Prize Essays 1.jpg
Pamphlet with printed versions of two winning essays in EPEL's annual suffrage essay contests for high school students. Aleck G. Whitfield won first prize and Ethel Elizabeth MacDonald took second with essays on the topic "Should Chicago Women Have…

Treasurer's Book 1.jpg
Treasurer's book of EPEL, 1904-1907. Includes records of dues-paying members and disbursements.

Bazaar 1.jpg
Newspaper account of plans for suffrage bazaar at Hotel LaSalle, in which Evanston women took a leadership role.

Votes for Women Urged by League.jpg
Newspaper account of recent EPEL meeting at Rickards home, 1324 Forest Avenue.

Is It Fair Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 3-1.jpg
An argument written by the Legislative Committee of Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs for the passage of an amendment to the Illinois state constitution allowing women in the state to vote.
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