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Political Rights of IL Women Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 3-1.jpg
Catharine Waugh McCulloch outlines the political right of Illinois women after the passage of the Illinois suffrage law and before the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Suffrage Amendment Alliance Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 7 edited.jpg
An article about the Evanston and Chicago women who argued for a women's suffrage amendment before the Illinois senate, and the amendment's passage in the senate.

IL Laws Need Women's Votes Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 3 edited page 1.png
A publication calling for womens' votes to revise inadequate laws pertaining to women and social issues.

Thesis, CM, 1888, EHC
McCulloch's Master's thesis entitled "Woman's Wages." Outlines the excuses for wage inequality between men and women, the real reasons for wage inequality, and the solutions, the last of which is the right to vote.

Story, CM, February 1909, EHC
A story written and read by Catharine Waugh McCulloch for the Chicago Woman's Club in 1909. The story tells of a fictional meeting of men from around the world and from the five states already allowing women's suffrage in Chicago, and they are…

Speech, CM, 181908, EHC
A speech by Catharine Waugh McCulloch delivered before the Michigan Constitutional Convention on January 8, 1908.

Speech, CM, 1907-1913,
Speech given by McCulloch at a ladies' dinner banquet of the Forties Club at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. At the time, McCulloch was serving as Evanston's Justice of the Peace.

Postcard, EHC
A postcard depicting an editorial cartoon with the title "Why Not Let the Mother Vote?" The postcard was sent to Mr. and Mrs. F. Leahy of Chicago, Illinois. It was sent one day before the election to determine if the women of Illinois would receive…

Play, CM, 1911, EHC
McCulloch loosely based this play on the life and experiences of Myra Bradwell, another Evanstonian woman. The play's introduction describes the incident that Mrs. Bradwell faced which portrayed the problems that married women faced regarding their…
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