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The logo of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, c. 1920.

Woman's Club 40th, EBH,
A program of the events celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Woman's Club of Evanston in 1929. There is also a bit of the organization's history, including a picture of its founder and first president, Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.

Evanston Woman's Club Constitution, 1894-5, EBH,
The constitution of the Woman's Club of Evanston under the presidency of Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.

Tribute, FEW, 301.1.11.1.pdf
A program from Evanston's tribute to Frances E. Willard after her death in 1898.

Emma Howland.jpg
Emma Howland was dedicated to the organization of Black Evanston women in the early 20th century. Howland was an active agent of change in her homeward, the fifth ward.

Lola Downs.jpg
Lola Y. Downs was a woman dedicated to the service of her community. Downs valued the importance of organizing among women serving as the president of The Julia Gaston Club, a women's club in Evanston. She also served as an officer of the Illinois…

Celia Hill.jpg
Celia Webb Hill was the president of the Julia Gaston Club of Evanston in the early 20s. She was a crucial part of the Julia Gaston Clubs' involvement and partnership with the Illinois Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, hosting the Federation…

Evanston Press Board of Education.jpeg
This is a brief article that accounts for the results of the board of education election in Evanston in 1892. It includes Louise Brockaway Stanwood as a member, and lists committees.

New Officers 1.jpg
Newspaper account of EPEL annual meeting and election of new officers.
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