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Suffrage Amendment Alliance Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 7 edited.jpg
An article about the Evanston and Chicago women who argued for a women's suffrage amendment before the Illinois senate, and the amendment's passage in the senate.

Tribute, FEW, 422.2.2.1.jpg
Front cover of The Union Signal, a newspaper published by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, after the death of Frances E. Willard.

Tribute, FEW, 301.1.11.3.pdf
A tribute to Frances E. Willard by Senator Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana delivered on the occasion of the unveiling of the Frances E. Willard statue in Statuary Hall at the U.S. Congressional Building in 1905.

Quotes, FEW, 301.1.6.1.pdf
A book of selected quotations from the writings of Frances E. Willard.

CWM ca 1881 Photo Coll McCulloch family Folder 2.jpg
A photo of Catharine Waugh McCulloch ca. 1881 taken in Rockford, Illinois.

Suffrage 8.27.20 Uncle Sam.jpg
Uncle Sam

Letter, CM, 631940, EHC 59.1.7.jpg
A letter from Carrie Chapman Catt, a well-known suffragist, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCulloch congratulating them on their 50th wedding anniversary. In it, she says: "You have both made the world better than you found it, and have contributed the best…

Postcard, EHC
A postcard depicting an editorial cartoon with the title "Why Not Let the Mother Vote?" The postcard was sent to Mr. and Mrs. F. Leahy of Chicago, Illinois. It was sent one day before the election to determine if the women of Illinois would receive…

Article, CM, EHC
McCulloch shows the relationship between Christianity and women's suffrage, and how to use the Bible and religion in favor of women's right to vote.

Booklet, CM, 1909, EHC
In Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Kansas in 1909, women were already allowed to vote in municipal elections. McCulloch wrote to the mayors of cities in these states asking their opinions about women's suffrage, and 140 mayors replied, most of…
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