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Pamphlet, CM, 3271907, EHC
Elected by an all-male electorate in Evanston, McCulloch became one of the first, if not the first, female Justice of the Peace in the country in 1907. She conducted court in her own home, and she was reelected, serving until 1913. In this pamphlet,…

Thesis, CM, 1888, EHC
McCulloch's Master's thesis entitled "Woman's Wages." Outlines the excuses for wage inequality between men and women, the real reasons for wage inequality, and the solutions, the last of which is the right to vote.

Evanston Woman's Club Constitution, 1894-5, EBH,
The constitution of the Woman's Club of Evanston under the presidency of Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.

Postcard, EHC
A postcard depicting an editorial cartoon with the title "Why Not Let the Mother Vote?" The postcard was sent to Mr. and Mrs. F. Leahy of Chicago, Illinois. It was sent one day before the election to determine if the women of Illinois would receive…

Booklet, WCTU, EHC 422.1.3 1960s.pdf
A booklet outlining the history of the WCTU and how to become a member of the organization.

The logo of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, c. 1920.

Woman's Club 40th, EBH,
A program of the events celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Woman's Club of Evanston in 1929. There is also a bit of the organization's history, including a picture of its founder and first president, Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.

An early history of the IL Federation of Colored Women's Clubs. Includes a section on the Julia Gaston Club of Evanston and its members.

Suffrage Amendment Alliance Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 7 edited.jpg
An article about the Evanston and Chicago women who argued for a women's suffrage amendment before the Illinois senate, and the amendment's passage in the senate.

The Other Side Women Suffrage Coll 214 Folder 4 edited.jpg
A letter to the editor objecting to the contents of an editorial on the "suffragette question."
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